Friday, May 26, 2017

Summoning the Fairies by Susan Sheppard

Summoning The Fairies

Whether you believe fairies to be actual souls of pagan ancestors, shining ones named devas, earth’s elementals, spiritual guides or watchers, or ghosts from a forgotten race such as the Tuatha Da Dannan, there are ways to contact the fairy realms. In most instances, the fairies will contact you first, but if you wish to bring them into your own domain, with evidence for their existence, you might try these methods.

> Begin by making an effort to spend time in the natural world. Meditate or contemplate under a grove of cool trees, fall asleep under the stars, near an isolated water source, such as a waterfall or a stream. This will open your consciousness to the fairy realms.

> Get comfortable and relax, especially nearby a nature setting or one easily in your view. Now close your eyes. Allow your mind to fill with a rich, velvety darkness.

> Imagine a shimmering green light filling your mind’s eye. Mentally, move toward it. Focus fully on this glowing green.

> At this point, perhaps you feel a gentle rocking sensation. Surrender to it.

> Now imagine a shining green sphere expanding throughout the blackness. Watch the green ball fill throughout your consciousness. See black no longer. Only green. Now imagine a favorite scene from nature.

> Mentally, call out to your fairies or fairy. Do you see anyone walking or flying toward you? Is there mist, vapors or fluttering over you, or nearby?

> Invite your fairy into your abode. Greet your fairy visitor with good cheer.

Focus on a name or on a fairy clan name. If the fairy has no answer, think harder. (If the fairy does not give you a name, tell it to go away for the time being. It may not be one of the sidhe.)

> Expect your fairy to answer you in imagery and pictures. Your fairy may come across to you clear enough to get names and words. If you do, consider this a bonus.

> If you have a need, ask it of your fairy, or inquire of your fairy what ways your need or goal can be accomplished.

> Before your fairy leaves you, ask for peace and wisdom in forging your own path.

> Bid your fairy farewell by saying “Merry part.” To invite your fairy to visit with you again, set out small bowls of sugar, flowers, or milk.

Once you make contact psychically, creatively or mentally, there are signs that indicate the presences of fairies in your life. This may seem juvenile to some, but fairies were once and still are taken very seriously in parts in the British Isles and now America. Individuals in the past knew that fairies were powerful presences. That is why people in the countryside gave the sidhe great respect.

Signs of Fairy Presences

 > You experience dreams (ones that stick with you) where nature plays a prominent role, especially nature dreams that involve singing or music.

> Dreams of miniature human clothing, such as shoes, jackets or pants, etc.

>             The sound of bells, or childish laughter from which you cannot determine the source.

>             A sudden unexplainable gust of wind.

>             Finding impressions of circles in the grass not there the day before.

>             You hear your name being whispered into one ear (never aloud) and not in the other. You just basically hear whispering when no one is there.

>             A sudden feeling of warmth, wit or mirth. A giddy happiness.

>             What is usually termed poltergeist activity in the home, such as the motion or displacement of objects, disembodied movement such as lamps, swinging, doorbells being rung with no one there and other strange spiritual manifestations.

>             Pets begin to show great interest in certain parts of your yard, area or home, such as sniffing, whimpering or ears standing up or just becoming more alert.

>             Walking into a room or area and you suddenly see shimmering lights, or bright sparkles in the black grasses after dark, as well as evidence of small lights or miniature orbs in pictures near your home.

In a green world, this is what fairies are about. Do not be afraid to seek them out.

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