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Written In the Stars: May 2017 Horoscopes by Susan Sheppard

May’s stars have two planets moving out of retrograde which brings palpable relief. With Mercury (mind) and Venus (heart) leaving retrograde, expect a multitude of matters to correct themselves and life to move along more seamlessly. If you’ve got a clunker or a junker plaguing you don’t expect this problem to be fully resolved until after May 5th. Romance jumps back on track after a very uneven season of highs and lows—there will be some disappointment then fulfillment. Although May is the month of Taurus, there is a stellium of planets piled up in Aries bringing on both the bad and the good for this zodiac head-banger. The full moon lights up the skies on May 10th in the powerful sign of Scorpio. It may feel like a premature Halloween so there is no better time for a ghost investigation or just probing mysteries of all kinds. The new moon occurs on May 25th in the talkative sign of Gemini. It’s a worthwhile time to restart things simply by connecting up with people who can help you and also by using your gift of gab to direct the way.

Taurus Horoscope Dates (April 20-May 20) You are the power behind the throne now so you may not feel you are getting the reward or recognition for your hard work – yet you really are – it’s frustrating but this is the time for endurance and blind determination. While others seem to be basking in the sunlight, you’re in a bug-ridden cellar or moldy basement forever slaving away. Jupiter is still in your 6th House of opportunity, especially when it comes to path and career. Look for bang up success here, there and everywhere. Wealth: Saturn in your partner’s money house says it is probably slim pickings for now, but that changes in June. In fact, after the 25th, you will be given another shot to increase your finances in a big way. Health: Any health problems you have at the moment are probably diet related. Those of you who have been sick for a while will show some kind of improvement. If you are well, you still may be visiting medical facilities to help out a loved one or a friend. Love: Full Moon in Scorpio in your 7th House of Partners on the 10th predicts a possible affair or love connection overpoweringly passionate. It could be the start of something new. Be on the lookout for “J” and also “A.” Luck: Luck hits your 6th House of career and jobs. It’s a decent time to try out or apply for something that is beyond the usual.

Gemini Horoscope Dates May 21-June 20) Mars is traveling through your sign of the maniacal and mercurial twins so make the attempt to remain as calm as you possibly can for the time being. Mars makes one want to snarl but can enable you to get numerous things done and to cover a lot of ground as long as you don’t step on tootsies and fingers along the way. You’re not a patient sign anyway and you will feel your patience being drawn especially thin in May. Good news is, look for perks in the romance area of your life and possibly a new addition to the family. To be honest, if you’re not ready to have a child, do be careful… fertility is high for many Geminis. Make sure you can afford all that you attract. Make sure you have the stamina for all you draw.  Key initials for you this month are “B” and also “J.” They have what you need. Wealth: If you’re selling something, it will sell fast. So think big. Watch your bank account because next month it could show losses. Health: An eye test is in store. Medical tests may crop up. Love: Love finds you easily this month. The person may be physically larger than what you had in mind but still cute and sexy. Luck: You do have some luck to do some restrained gambling. Also, if a parent, your children will likely run into some good fortune.

Cancer Horoscope Dates June 21-July 22) Your stars are definitely rising but things may not be exactly predictable – if you think you know where your luck is heading, think again! You have unruly Uranus coupled with Venus and Mercury in your 10th House of Fame and the whole wide world! Expect all kinds of quirks. Neptune in your 9th House of Travel and Voyages speaks of either a spiritual journey or a trip near or over a large body of water. (This will be in effect all summer.) Mars in your 12th House of secrets predict there is something lurking behind the scenes that needs to be addressed. It is something that cannot go on much longer. All else is freed up as Mercury and Venus travel through your house success. Start that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Now is the time to begin it. Wealth: July and August look like the better months to accumulate wealth. Something hidden may be draining your income. Health: Right now, health issues are related to age no matter how old or young you are. You could have a syndrome related to the age that you are. Love: Love remains puzzling and still there are struggles. Luck: You get lucky by a development that has to do not only with the past, but also something that may have started 6-12 years ago. Think it over. There's a surprise. 

Leo Horoscope Dates (July 23-August 22) More than ever before, you want mind and body to run free. You want to throw off your shackles, to go out and explore, either through mind exploration, through classes, traveling or just reading books and learning new things. Those of you who may not be into that so much, may be planning the trip of a life time. A few of you may be attempting to escape a restrictive relationship, one that started with great promise but turned out to not be all that it was cracked up to be. Just at this time of wanting to be free strikes you, you are feeling a number of restrictions-- however some kind of document, paper or legal signings may give you the relief you’re looking for. It could be a job it could be a settlement. It’s not been easy but you are making strides in the right direction. The Full Moon on the 10th may bring a blast from the past. The New Moon on the 25th, will have you starting a new project with a friend. Wealth: Get your ducks in a row for a big financial boost in September. Health: It’s a good time for a full checkup. Love: Becoming more solid and mature. There may be someone you cannot forget, however. Luck: You get help from an attorney or family member.

Virgo Horoscope Dates (August 23-September 22) Uranus moves into your eighth house and rattles things up a bit. There could be some ambiguities or unexpected happenings surrounding money that is some part of your life but it doesn’t come from your own earnings or income. Instead, this might come through a partner or parental figure. The person may not even be a relative. Venus and Mercury coupled up in your 8th House could stimulate the appearance of a new physical attraction in your life, someone who is either very smitten by you or vice versa. Whatever the results, it will be stimulating and a source of excitement this month. Some of you will be getting some good news on either taxes, credit or joint finances. With Mars in your 10th House you will either feel driven to succeed or will be working very hard. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, as long as you keep your nose to the grindstone and don’t deviate from your goals. Neptune in your 7th House indicates a key person in your life, someone you trust, has pulled the wool over your eyes about something. If this is not the case, look for matters with substance abuse or escapism on the part of that person. Wealth: Your finances should be better than what they were. However, if not, they will improve before we enter the fall season. Health: You worry a lot about your health but it looks like things have stabilized and are not as bad as they were. Love: Filled with complexity and this conundrum of a relationship is not going away anytime too soon. Luck: Building upon what you already own, think increasing finances for the rest of 2017. It’s a worthy and reachable goal.

Libra Horoscope Dates (September 23-October 22) Relationships of all kinds have you all shook up. There is no doubt, your 7th House, that is “other people” and “partners” is your point of intensity throughout May. It is essential to not allow others to rattle you, at the current time, in fact, these oddballs in your life may just be teaching and enlightening you. As the Full Moon on the 10th slides through your 2nd House, this will activate other issues in your 8th. What does this mean? It boils down to you… but it is likely these developments in your life will have to do with either sex or money, or some kind of ending to something you thought would be in place for a long time. This could be job, friends, partners, whatever it is you hold solid or dear. Jupiter mid-way through your sign says you have another 6-8 months to really push your luck as far as you can. Put fear aside, and step into the ring. If you’re in for a battle, you can be assured you will be the victor. Wealth: Not so bad, but next year will be even better. Health: You have a mystery condition that is difficult to diagnose. Love: Intense, interesting, or just unpredictable. Luck: Push the pedal to the metal, you won’t have luck this decent for another twelve years.

Scorpio Horoscope Dates (October 23-November 21) Your job situation appears rather erratic. There are things you love about your work but it is just so stressful. Uranus in your 6th House of work indicates matters have cropped up you hadn’t planned on, so it may not be exactly what you had in mind. Mars in your 8th House says your pent up energy is in need of a release, and weirdly, this leaves you feeling exhausted. Neptune in the 5th shows that you have gotten very creative as of late or have found a great drinking buddy. Be wary in the romance area, love will be either fantastic or perilous. Fantastic as it means you could meet someone who will take you to the heights of passion, or just another knight with chinks in his armor, delivering promises but ending up disappointing as the last one or two. Marrieds may experience a reboot in the love life. Wealth: Money is spare, but you are making real, gradual advancements when it comes to finances and what you accumulate. This is a time that is teaching you money isn’t everything, there are other areas to look for happiness and contentment. Health: Love: Floaty, mysterious, not dependable or out-of-reach. Luck: You are simply waiting in the wings. 2018 is your BIG year when you can expect fabulousity. (Is that a word?)

Sagittarius Horoscope Dates (November 22-December 21) Saturn has been mud-wrestling in your sign for over a year now and the struggle continues. It seems for every step forward there are two steps back. There are family worries, to be sure as family members are in need of special attention and rescue. You might be dealing with an elderly family member, someone chronically ill or with substance abuse issues. You may be dealing with these things also in your job or profession. The planets are lined up for some interesting developments in your romance, the children around you or how you express yourself creatively. You may be attending an event that has some artistic element to it, such as a well-attended play, a concert or an art show with crowds and excitement. Mars in your 7th House of “other people” indicate quarrels are likely this month but they won’t be lasting long. You just aren’t as patient and long suffering as you used to be. At this time, you are looking for results then demanding them if results do not happen. Wealth: You’re making strides but there is some extra pressure on your pocket book. Money disappears as soon as get paid. Health: You may experience aches and pain that cause you to move a little slower. Love: Partners may spring something quite unexpected on you. Guard your temper. Patience will be necessary most of the month. Luck: A friend has a great idea, suggestion or piece or information. Also, groups of any kind will benefit you. In groups or through a meeting, you will learn to master or accomplish something really valuable.

Capricorn Horoscope Dates (December 22-January 19) In looking at your stars, I quite simply want to start singing “Don’t Give Up!” as times are stressful and even oppressive but underneath it all lies a real treasure waiting to be mined. You thought things had already come to a head before but it seems the bottom keeps falling out from under you, it is one crisis after another. You have lost a lot of foundation or support—but perhaps, you haven’t, it just feels that way at the current time. The good news is, your career and life’s goals are activated. Your star is rising high to the heavens…to the very top of your chart. The world sees you and recognizes the efforts you are putting in. Rewards are coming but they will probably not come speedily. The only way it can be for now is slow and steady, as well as maintain the trust and faith, that not only things will be better, they will be fabulous! You have the support of family but that support is not predictable as it was. There are wounds which you hold inside that you are not able to tell a soul about. By next fall it’s not going to matter anymore. Wealth: Not quite enough wealth for now but August shows improvement. Health: Weird, sudden pains plague you. That should phase out in a few weeks. Love: The Full Moon on the 10th brings in some new “hottie” if that’s what you’re looking for. Luck: Work and long-term goals are emphasized. What you work for now will be in effect positively for the next 6-12 years.

Aquarius Horoscope Dates (January 20 to February 18) It’s not what you’re expecting, but you are about to have many opportunities presented before you. In an odd way, not only do you feel “lucky” and that certain things seem ‘fated” in your life, you have a craving for knowledge or are at least you're in the mood to learn or tackle something entirely new. It will be a challenge but something you are up to taking on. You have a sense of daring right now and being at the right place at the right time. Currently, you may only want to a few close friends, shunning any friendships that seem shallow or meaningless. You are no longer willing to play along just to fit in. You may find that you have more energy for romance now, and if someone frustrates you romantically, you may decide to change the direction of the relationship. Look to “S” or “J” for some insight at this time. Wealth: It is now time to be much more responsible when it comes to money. Do be careful of waste and what you spend without thought or responsibility. Health: Gastrointestinal problems may plague you for now. Also, there is some stuffiness in your glands. Love: Vibrant and exciting but you may decide to change directions. Luck: You’re going on a trip or a voyage to new lands. This may happen on the inside of you, or the outside of you. It could go either way.

Pisces Horoscope Dates (February 19 to March 20) Mercury and Venus have joined Uranus in your 2nd House which has made finances quite unstable for a long time now. Not only does the 2nd House indicate money it also represents everything we value, thus, this jog from the universe may spark you to question all manner of material things and how much they really matter. At the same time, these transits can cause a sudden windfall where you can make a lot of money at one time. This month, all of these issues will be featured. These will cause you to reconsider all of your attachments to what is physical, comfortable and practical. Saturn transiting your 10th House is forcing you to question all of your achievements to date. It’s a time for working hard, reaping the rewards of tough work, being diligent and evaluating what you have or have not accomplished to date. You are listening to the symphony of the universe and you are following it yet the music is still faint. You are now digging into some of your deeply held issues. You need a clearer direction. It is a time of transformation followed by new starts. Mars in your 4th House of Family and home says you may become embroiled in a family issue or there is someone you are losing patience with. Mars moves to your 5th House next month and that is when you must attend to romantic affairs with more seriousness. Wealth: You have none. But things are improving. In fact, something lucky may come about right out of the blue. Health: You may experience back pain, inflammation in a specific area or have a circulatory issue such as high blood pressure. Love: There is someone unforgettable who is either distant or at a distance from you. There are spaces between you. Luck: The payment of debts, either one will be paid to you or you will be able pay a debt. Money problems will then relax. 

Aries Horoscope Dates (March 21-April 19) May will prove to be as highly active as April for you, despite some health matters, you are on the rebound and accomplishing much. For a while now, you’ve had many unexpected curve balls thrown your way, thus, your challenges have been many this year -- not only with yourself, but partners and family members. With Mercury and Venus both going direct, however, you will either have gotten used to the troubles, and have found ways to deal with them, or they will simply phase out entirely. Jupiter in the 7th House point outs you may be either getting a wedding proposal by the end of this year, or more of a commitment in your current relationship. You may be thinking about charitable events more than the norm, but be careful of over extending yourself. For better or worse your mind will be on causes right now. You can look for some dramatic changes in your career or place of work so look for that. You may choose to change paths all together. Your mother, if living, is in need of your attention. Venus is now smooching you and your Sun in Aries, so enjoy this wonderful attention. Someone truly loves you. Wealth: Pay attention to money all month because this is the one time of the year you attract what you need. Health: Concentrate on controlling the inflammation your body seems to have right now. Love: Someone new coming in quickly or a key relations becoming more secure. Luck: Through partners and alliances of all kinds.

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