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How to Give an Epic Psychic Reading ~ Part 1

By Susan A. Sheppard
Are you psychic? Or is this a special ability only a few people have? If so, do you know how to use your gifts to tap into this knowledge in order to give psychic readings? Do you even dare?
In many of us there exists an awareness of what is, what was and what will become. As human beings with souls, spirits and minds, many are able to delve into the universal mind allowing them to see the past, present, future and beyond.  But usually these psychic occurrences are sporadic, and the majority of the time we cannot control them and so they cannot be relied upon.
Most of us have times where we are feel connected to the divine knowing which is otherwise unexplainable in any ordinary way. When we have these psychic experiences we remember them mostly because of their strangeness. This is especially true when it comes to premonitions and psychic dreams which most people have had.
Since the beginning of human civilization there have been “seers” used by kingdoms, governments and individuals who want to look more deeply in their lives or just wish to have a better idea of what’s up ahead or what to expect. During wars and conflicts, a psychic could be an invaluable source for leaders.  But for the seer or psychic, this was both a privileged and perilous place. Especially when their predictions didn't pan out.
Can everyone be readers of past and future? Some people are connected to the psychic dimension more than others. In our modern age, we call them psychics. “Psychic” derives from the Greek word psykhikos, “or pertaining to the human soul” and “of soul, spirit or mind."

Psychic talents are considered "supernatural."  They are really natural abilities many are privy to but may not fully understand enough to use them. Most people don’t take the time or don’t know how to develop their gifts. Like other talents there are ways to do this.
Psychic ability is strengthened the more you use it. The easiest way to do this is by finding a psychic tool to help in the process of looking into areas usually hidden from us. Tools are often a deck of cards, rune stones, a crystal ball or scrying mirror. Many psychic mediums don’t use any tools during readings but they are only able to do this after years of practice.
There are other ways to connect. This is simply learning to sense energies that are not obvious to others, at least in any physical way, especially in our normal state of a limited awareness when we ignore signs and tune out our feelings. 
The following are suggestions on how to tap into your innate psychic abilities, how to read the energies of others and give readings that are not only accurate but life changing for your subject.

At the end of this article, I will provide you with both an outline and a set of guidelines to use during your psychic reading to make it a much more successful one. This will not only help you become a better advisor, the results will leave your friends and subjects enormously pleased with their psychic consult.

If you have ever had dreams of events that eventually unfold in much the way you dreamed them, if you’ve been thinking of someone throughout the day for no apparent reason then meet that person in an unexpected spot a few hours later, if you have ever picked up your phone at the same time a friend is calling you, or had intuitive feelings about someone in which you felt you could not trust then found out you were right all along… if you’ve ever sensed presences around that others may not be able to see and feel, if you seem to know exactly what your cat or dog is thinking, what your child is feeling or doing from far away, then, yes, without a doubt you are psychic.
The fact of the matter is almost everyone is psychic to one degree or another even though some individuals fall at the less talented end of the spectrum. What that really means is they haven’t been paying attention. No one has taught them how to sense things beyond what’s there or psychic ability wasn’t believed in by their families. Psychic talent has nothing at all to do with IQ or any usual means of intelligence. In fact, children tend to be very psychic then grow out of it and many low-functioning adults show some aptitude for being psychically aware.
The success of your capacity as a psychic is much like your success with other talents and that is, are you willing to stay with it? And are you willing to make an effort to grow as a psychic reader or intuitive? Can you face a few failures or flops and then move on to being better as a psychic reader? Most people don’t know how to trust this psychic sensing nor do they have the proficiency to sort out what it all means. This takes both skill and dedication.
To grow as a psychic you must first have a tool or developed talent to rely upon which supports your already natural abilities. These tools come in many forms, such as cards, runes, horoscopes, mirrors or crystal balls for scrying, automatic writing and spirit boards. But before we get to that…it's important to learn how to tune in to the energy of your subject. The force which animates our bodies is electrical. Electricity is energy. Energy is life. How do you read energy? How is this done?

Have you ever walked into an empty room after a crowd has left it and are still able to feel the vibrations of people lingering? Are there certain people you are attracted while others make you want to immediately run away? Do certain areas make you uneasy?  Have you ever been given or gotten a second hand item of clothing and after putting it on, decide you don't want to wear it because "it doesn't feel right?" Can you look at a house and know you just don't want to go inside? Do you take on other people's illnesses, pains and symptoms even when you know you're not sick? Do you sometimes feel the presence of another and simply know that person is thinking of you? Do you have frequent headaches? Do certain people and places give you headaches?
This is how it is when you are energetically connected. We are all energetically connected, this is why babies cling to their mothers. This energetic bond is needed for survival. But a lot of times we separate from those energies, and repress them to the point where we can't feel them any longer.
Put yourself in a place where you imagine every energetic cell in your body opening exquisitely like a rose, drinking in light, which is energy/the sun. Receiving what the sun/your subject radiates from his or her essence is one way of getting there. With some people, like myself, this receptivity is never switched off... but that is not good because being open can make one sick and sometimes depressed, as well. The medium feels it all, to be honest, almost as if he and she has been skinned and left tortured by the rawness of the world. 
When a client or friend sits down across from you, try to feel yourself opening to them and you should be able to sense in your own body how that person’s feels.  Quiet your mind and key in on what’s going on in your subject’s life. Close your eyes for a few moments. It sometimes takes as much as two minutes to fully connect.  
Does the energy engulf you? Feel it through and through.  Is there a heaviness to the person or do you sense tranquil feelings?  Does the person’s energy feel thick or does it feel light? Is this individual happy, in love or sad and dejected? Does it seem to you the energy is conflicted or serene?

Now sense this person within your own body. Are you anxious or calm?  Do you feel your energy drained? Does he or she make you nervous? Do you want to connect your subject further or are you compelled to back away? If so, the person is needy and may not be entirely open to your psychic insight or advice. Do you feel a connection to the person? The reading should go well but make certain you remain objective so you can deliver the most correct information rather than what the person wants.
Do images, words or names intrude within your consciousness? Do you get initials or colors and sounds?   Speak of them clearly to your subject.  If they don’t mean anything to the client, keep it up and progress with the reading. Don’t wait for it to be right or wrong, just keep going.
Remember not to make assumptions about the person based on physical appearance, age, clothing, or the exterior of your subject. Many beautiful people lack confidence, young persons can be wise beyond their years, and sometimes mature, seemingly successful individuals do foolish things.
During the reading you will be given threads of insight to track throughout the process. Follow those threads. They are the very things which holds the reading together and makes it a positive experience of growth and change for you and your subject.
True psychic information arrives in a millisecond. There is no time to question the information and it’s important to not question it. What you must first try to do is to empty your mind and allow the details to surface. These should come in both images and words. You will receive a lot of this information through the person’s aura or energy field. If a random name or image comes through for you, you need to hold onto it or voice it to your subject.
But your best approach comes from the adage, “First thought, best thought.” Poet Allen Ginsberg described this as the “spontaneous mind.” What comes through first is usually best. This means your beginning thoughts tend to be the ones where you connect without any self-doubt or judgment. The artist or psychic should move in the flow of the moment, surrendering to something larger or at least more knowing.
This is true in just about everything. What you think of in the moment is what best applies. First thoughts are usually your most accurate ones. If your subject doesn’t relate, tells you they can’t remember, doesn't know or your impressions aren’t making sense to him or her, continue anyway. Don’t abandon the vision or words in order to seek more accuracy. Oftentimes, and this is quite often, what doesn’t make sense now will be in the future or will be verified by another person or event later.
Follow through with your first impressions, and when you have tapped them as far as you can for your client, move on to another subject. If you hit a wall, ask your subject if he or she has any questions and this should keep you on track with the rest of the reading. Once you are done with one area of interest, such as career or finances, move to another one, such as health or spirit guides.
But throughout the reading, just understand usually what you receive first is usually the most accurate and is what applies best to the situation. Whether or not your client doesn’t see it for now doesn’t matter. Don’t let being wrong rattle you. Something related to your vision will eventually come about. Frankly, that is the nature of being a psychic. The psychic sees what others can’t.
Most people who consult psychics assume that psychics can see it all, that we are omnipotent almost like a god.  But the truth is we are human beings in a physical body which means we are fallible and limited. Psychics can see a lot but usually not everything in total. 
In explaining how to do a psychic reading I can only explain my own approach. Generally what happens during a consultation is that I’m able to visualize pretty accurately the person's situation but it is more like staring at a jig saw puzzle which is half-way done but with certain parts missing. I see the most of it yet not the entire picture. There will be empty places.

Over the years, I’ve heard other psychics say about their visions “It’s like watching a movie.” I question this. To me, sensing and seeing psychically isn’t exactly like watching a film at all—unless you are on psilocybin mushrooms while at the movie theater. Images emerge and sometimes so do scenes, words, names, sounds, movements and even smells. But usually not in any linear way. The psychic is actually reaching into a cosmic miasma where all types of particulars and details swim. But in certain ways, it is like reaching your hand into a dark pond without seeing exactly but sensing what's there. It is up to the psychic to put it all together, and with help from the client to make sense of the information that forms.
But is also really important for the psychic to not be told too much which can influence the reading. Any information given to the psychic is not always reliable anyway. Those getting readings tend to tell things as they see them which may not be the case and sometimes even completely untrue.  We are not always objective about our own situations.

Your subject shouldn’t tell you a whole lot except to affirm what you’ve told him or her during the reading as true or false. Consider all other information given to you as not the whole story and possibly misleading. If you truly don’t know, ask your subject. It saves confusion and wasted time.  Guessing never works anyway. In fact, if you find yourself guessing it is time to stop the reading. Stay central to what you are sensing and what is unfolding inside of you. This is usually what is the most accurate. Don’t fall into the trap of “fishing.” Such diving or probing won’t serve you or your subject.
What are “cold readings?” This is what the skeptics claim we psychics do when we start to get accurate in our readings. It implies that we are faking it as psychics. This is odd though, because when I do readings, I am more accurate when I can't see the person and have no idea who they are. How does one give a "cold reading?"

Giving a cold reading means that you gather clues from your client or subject by ways other than being psychic. That means a sneaky, fraudulent approach not a real psychic one. For instance, if a querent seeks a reading from you and has pictures of cats on her bag, you can assume the woman loves cats, then you might mention a very special bond with a beloved cat who has passed into spirit but wants to relay its love to its owner far away in pet heaven. At that point, the poor woman bursts into tears and deems you the greatest psychic ever. (Sneaky, sneaky!)
DON'T DO THIS! Not only are cold readings unethical they will mislead you anyway. And there are other more practical reasons. The truth of the matter is, once you develop as a psychic, it is a whole lot easier being a psychic than being a detective where you follow up leads based on clues you can clearly see but may also be wrong. Cold readings involve literal thinking which is the opposite of intuitive thinking. Trust your design mind, or your creative mind, not your critical mind.

During your psychic reading the idea is to sense and feel as best you can from your subject regardless what they look like or what they say. Pay attention to the cues you are getting from whatever form of divination you decide to use. Get some feedback but not too much information--just enough to let you know that you're on the right track. Then put it all together for someone who needs valuable insight into his or her life.


The aura, or “body of light” is thought to be an energetic field that surrounds the form of all living things and is sometimes perceptible to the human eye. Psychics can see auras the best. That said, science has not been able to prove the human aura even exists. However, since there are representations of human auras in art throughout many different cultures in history this suggests that the aura is real and some are able to detect this energy field which is not easily seen under most circumstances.

There is a theory, and I think it’s true, that what psychics are sensing when they do readings is the person’s aura or energy body which seems to act as a blue print of everything that has ever happened to the person and perhaps everything that ever will happen. The aura also shows the vitality and basic health and energy level of the body. This is probably one reason two people should not sit close together when you are reading for one person. Their auras tend to merge into one another. What you say to the querent may be for the friend.
There are ways and methods to see the human aura which most people are able to tap into. One of the places is in a darkened theater before the movie starts. When you are able to see the aura, it will start out as a pale, milky glow extending only a few inches beyond the body. But in front of a black or white background many will begin to see the colors within the aura. Usually there is one dominant color with another few lesser ones.
If you are unable to detect any aura during a reading, close your eyes for a few moments and it’s possible you will see the coloration of the aura that way. Ask for a color. See if one floats into view by way of your inner sight. You can look up the meanings of the colors on the internet. Each one corresponds to a chakra. But you don’t need to learn the chakras to read auras. However, leaning the chakras does enhance your understanding of auras.
Here are some of the colors and their meanings: Red=angry, agitation, inflammation or chronic pain. My aura tends to have red, veiny spots whenever I have a migraine. Orange=strong, positive person. A shaker and a mover. Orange corresponds to the kidneys. Yellow=serene, but mentally oriented. Loves philosophy and ideas. Optimistic. Has trouble sleeping and relaxing. Green=Problem solvers, they love nature. Thrives best outside in nature, spontaneous, natural healers. Corresponds to the lungs and spine. Blue=intelligent, intuitive, greatly interested in spiritual pursuits. Open-minded with vast interests. Speakers. Blue corresponds to the area of the throat. Indigo=greatly psychic and evolved. Artistic, curious, ahead of their times. Health problems come because of sensitivity issues, such as allergies and emotional exhaustion. Violet=greatly evolved, on a mission, compassionate, psychic, intuitive. Strange ideas, ahead of their time like indigos.  Brown=Inhibited, low energy, poor health, stuck in a place where they are unable to move out of. Meditation and spiritual pursuits are helpful. Black or dark gray=either very ill or energy is at a low vibration. Withholding, not giving. Depressed or self-centered to a dangerous degree. Does not want to get close to anyone. White=this color shows up first but usually deepens into another color. However, if the aura stays white this is a very spiritual person, compassionate, accepting, saint like qualities. Has the ability to heal others but not themselves.

All psychics have one or more forms of divination (this usually means cards, runes or charts) which they rely upon for doing readings. Although it’s possible to give psychic readings with absolutely no methods or tools, it is much easier if you find a discipline to tune into the energy of your subject. This will help you verify what it is you are already sensing or feeling during the reading.
Most psychics are considered “Mediums” which means they have the ability to bridge the physical world with the spiritual world. If one is to look into the future, for instance, one has do so by tuning into a spiritual dimension where time and space does not exist.
Near the end of this article, I will give more suggestions on how to develop as a medium. But before you begin, you must choose one of more forms of divination. Pendulums are probably the easiest form of divination but it is over all pretty limited since it can usually only give ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers.
You can learn mediumship on Ouija boards, but there are dangers for some who should not be consorting with spirits. Not everyone is cut out for spiritual mediumship. For all intents and purposes, Ouija boards are an extremely slow method of getting answers anyway. The most accurate form of divination, in my opinion is astrology mainly because it goes well beyond being a form of divination, astrology is an extremely complicated science and art.
The following are the most popular tools for divination. Most of them are ancient in origin. See which ones resonate with you! 
Tarot cards first surfaced in Milan, Italy around 1440 when the Duke of Milan commissioned a court painter to design a deck of cards to play games with. This is the first tarot deck on record. Origins of the tarot before that time is unknown but despite popular opinion, they appear to be both Christian and European with some pagan influences.  There are 78 cards in the deck, and 22 of those are called the Major Arcana. It takes a while to learn all of the meanings so for starters you may want to just use the Major Arcana at first. There are also a number of card spreads to learn, but the easiest ones to start out with are selecting three cards for past, present and future or the five card reading. First card selected is the present theme to the reading, second card is past influences, third card is the future or what’s coming next, fourth position is the truth of what is behind it all, but not yet seen and the fifth card is the outcome card, or how it will end up if no change is made.
The most prevalent spread for tarot cards is the Celtic Cross Spread, which uses 10 cards, and the Past, Present, Future spread which uses three cards. Most tarot readers will allow the cards to be upside down during the reading. When the cards turn upside down during a reading, it is believed by some to have the opposite meaning, or by most tarot card readers as "the same meaning, but lesser so." For instance, if the Sun Card is upside down in the resulting shuffle and spread, it is still a greatly positive card, but not as much as if it had been upright. You can also ask the cards to give you a 'yes' or 'no' answer. If the majority of the cards land upright, that is a 'yes' answer, if the majority of cards or inverted, that means a 'no' answer.
Begin to practice on your friends and see how in tune you are with tarot cards and if you resonate with this form of divination.  Here are two websites that explain how to read tarot cards and mistakes you may make reading for yourself.  Buying a deck of tarot cards is recommended. Every reader needs one. Many psychics own dozens.

How To Read Tarot Cards

Six Mistakes Reading Tarot for Yourself
Above is the “Papesse” or “Popesse” (female pope) card in the original Sforza-Visconti tarot. This card is now called the “High Priestess” in modern decks. Strangely, about twenty years after the Duke of Milan commissioned this tarot deck, Leonardo Da Vinci came to live in his castle in order to go to work for the Sforza family designing weapons and a new canal system for Milan. Later, the younger Duke of Milan commissioned Da Vinci to paint The Last Supper for their family church. That is just how closely Da Vinci was to the origins of tarot decks. Fascinating.
This method of divination is using a regular deck of paying cards to do readings with. This is the old-fashioned method of card reading and was popular among Romany people (gypsies) but also fortunetellers in general before the 1960s when tarot cards were becoming more available. Regular playing cards probably originated with tarot cards and they have a number of similarities of meaning although there are only 52 cards whereas the tarot as 78 cards. The suits of regular playing cards correspond to the pip cards in the tarot. These are divided up into elements which are Hearts/Cups are water cards, Clubs/Wands are fire cards, Spades/Swords are air cards and Diamonds/Pentacles are earth cards.
There are variations upon these card pip/element correspondences and many differ, so you may want to research them on your own which you can do on the internet. You may also wish to research card spreads. There are many. You can also look up regular card meanings online. Speaking of the elements, let us move on to the oldest form of divination of all.
Café Astrology has an excellent page on playing card divination. This is the method I started out with. Here is the link:

 Astrology is the oldest science and the second oldest profession in the world. Astrology is also an art, and one that can be used for divination or fortune-telling and has been for thousands of years but it takes a long time to learn and practice. The idea of astrology is based upon the axiom “As above, so below.” This means whatever is happening in the heavens has some effect of happenings on earth, especially in the cases of births, events and outcomes which unfold in accordance with the movements of the planets.
Everything has a start time and a birth, and obviously this includes people. Whatever the planets are doing in the heavens when you are born, or when something is started, such as an election or the forming of a country, also has an astrological chart.
Carl's Jung's remarkable natal chart. Look at the The Hexagram or Star of David.
The astrological chart, for events and people, are simply a snapshot of the skies at the moment you or the event as born and it stays there affecting you throughout your life. There is no getting around it.
However, the planets continue to move and progress and when they do, they will “touch” or aspect your nativity planets. This is how astrological predictions are made.
Of all of the divinatory arts, astrology is the most complicated and takes a few years to really learn. In truth, there is never any end to learn about astrology. If you are interested in taking this particular form of divination on, I suggest you start by having your chart done and then studying it. This way, you will be able to apply what you learn to the charts of your friends, or future clients.
I suggest these two websites as the best:
Café Astrology  
I'd like to add there is one other type of astrological chart used for divination only and that is called a "Horary chart." Horary means "hour." What is done during a horary the astrologer asks a question, takes down the exact time the question is asked and a horary chart is cast for that moment in time. (Which is usually just five minutes ago.) The horary is cast just like a natal birth chart. After doing this, the astrologers goes through all of the planets, signs and aspects then comes up with a conclusion.
I cast a horary chart on the death of Whitney Houston. Neptune, planet of water and drownings figured in prominently in both the horary and time of death chart of the pop icon. I concluded the final cause of death was most likely drowning. Many scoffed over this finding, and said since it was Whitney Houston it had to be a drug overdose. Neptune could indicate a drug overdose but both charts were so strongly tipped toward the element of water, I stuck with my initial conclusion of Ms. Houston dying due to being submerged in water. A month later the coroner's report agreed that the cause of death for Whitney Houston was drowning.
Since the star was an Aries sun sign, and Uranus in Aries was aspecting Mars in the horary chart told me there was also head energy, at least an accidental blow to the head. This was not released but you can bet on it. That's just how accurate horary charts are.
In 1982, Ralph Blum published a book and divination system based upon ancient Nordic symbols that were originally a Scandinavian writing system but also may have been used as magic talismans. This divination system was simply called by Blum “Runes.”  Blum’s set of runic symbols are inscribed on stones (usually plastic in the store bought sets) and they number twenty-four while one is left blank. Although runes are related to the ancient practice of casting lots, it seems Blum is the originator of the “Futhark” runes as a first time in our modern age that "runes" were used to tell fortunes with.  Blum claims his inspiration was based on the older I Ching divination style of the Chinese.
There are various methods and ways to read the runes, but the simple way is to just ask a question then pull a rune out of the bag and read the meaning to see if it answers your question. Online there are many different ways to read the runes. For the most part, you don't see that many psychics using only runes in their readings. They are not that comprehensive. They seem to be limited mainly to answering questions.

Here is an excellent website on the Elder Futhark runes and their meanings. Runes Meanings/The Elder Futhark. 

Witch's Runes.

In 1998, Citadel Publications brought out my "Witch's Runes." These runes came from two sources. Symbols gypsies or Romany people used to carve on trees to leave messages for their brethren, such as "crossed staves," meant "stay away!" and Pictish, ancient Scottish symbols.  I for a time theorized the Picts may have been related to the Romany people.

There are 13 Witch's Runes, each corresponds to an astrological planet and sign. The Moon represent Cancer, the Sun represents Leo, the Rings are Libra, Woman is Taurus, Man is Aries, Crossroads are Saturn, the Scythe is Pluto and so on. Once you buy the book, you make your own runes but they are also available for sale online.

The book is available on "Witch's Runes" by Susan Sheppard.

I'm proud to say this book has been translated into Hungarian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovakian and French. It has been one of my most popular books. Here is a blog on my runes:


For divination, read past and future, relying on an Ouija is very slow. That’s why it makes a better parlor game than any type of foretelling what is to come.
Using Ouija boards is a form of divination whose roots are quite ancient — that is talking with the dead by using a table or flat surface to make predictions or to learn information that the medium has no other way of knowing. Communicating with spirits and supernatural intelligences in order to make predictions traces to the time of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras in 540, B.C. when he and one of his students built a table on wheels that moved toward certain cryptic symbols in order to answer questions.
During these first “public séances” Pythagoras and his student accepted questions from audience members and then interpreted the signs and symbols that the table rolled in the direction of or pointed at. In 1853, French spiritualists designed something similar, but this time it was a board with lettering and a planchette that included a pencil in the middle of it. If two people placed their fingers lightly on to help guide it the planchette would then roll and answer questions. In 1892, two Americans in Baltimore, Elija J. Bond and William Fuld came out with a reinvented version of the game that became our most popular tool to contact ghosts —the modern Ouija Board.
But is the Ouija Board a game? It is certainly not a game for children or mentally disturbed individuals should play with, especially while alone, if at all. The reason often given is that the Ouija Board opens “doors” to the darker aspects of the spirit world and the supernatural. Therefore one must be careful in using them.
To use the board, you must put your fingers on the planchette very lightly. Usually what happens, is the letters start to come together and one person will begin to act as the medium. Personally, one the board warms up, and I feel a connection with spirits, I know where it’s going and in some ways, don’t need the board any longer to communicate with the spirit world.
Before you get started with a Ouija board session, it’s important to either pray over the board, white light the board in your mind’s eye to clear away any dark spirits, or bless the board. There are many prayers and blessings you can use dependent upon your own spiritual path.

Here are some Pagan/Wiccan prayers:

Here is a video on how to pray for protection of angels.

Angel prayers are very powerful. Archangel Michael is one to call upon for spiritual strength and divine protection. Another angel gaining favor in spiritual circles now is Archangel Metraton. Here is a simple prayer to use for many different areas of your life.
"Metatron, I thank God for making you so diligent about observing and recording what happens both on Earth and in heaven, in God's Book of Life. Please guide me to make the best choices in life so I can avoid unnecessary regrets and build a strong spiritual legacy. Show me how powerful I can become when I live in faith rather than in fear. Teach me how to use my spiritual power to bring glory to God and make the world a better place. Amen."
Pagans, Christians, Jews and Muslims all call upon the help from God's Elohim, or angels.
Below is a blog on Ouija board divination covering the strength and the pitfalls of this particular form of forecasting the future and related events. Children should not be left to play with Ouija boards alone nor should immature adults."
This is only Part I of "How To Give An Epic Psychic Reading." In my Part 2, I will cover Palmistry, Tea Leaf Reading, dowsing with pendulums and rods, as well as how to connect with spirits, angels, angels, fairies and other types but within certain guidelines. I will also go into hauntings and how to communicate with ghosts and other spirit forms. I will include in Part 2 an outline and guide to make your psychic readings much more varied, easier and accurate. So stay tuned...

background painting by Susan Sheppard


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